Cultivating Prosperity Through Local Small Business Support

FEAST Detroit isn’t just about processing food; it’s about cultivating a thriving ecosystem that supports local businesses, uplifts the community, and fosters growth in Detroit. Amit Makhecha and Scott Owens, the driving forces behind this innovative company, have a deep-rooted commitment to empowering small businesses in the region.

Fostering Collaborations

Amit and Scott understand the challenges faced by small businesses in establishing themselves. They’ve taken proactive steps to collaborate with local enterprises, providing opportunities for these businesses to showcase their products or services. By sourcing goods and services locally, FEAST Detroit not only ensures quality but also contributes to the economic vitality of Detroit’s small business landscape.

Elevating Entrepreneurs

FEAST Detroit isn’t just a food processing facility; it’s a platform that amplifies the voices of local entrepreneurs. Amit Makhecha and Scott Owens actively seek partnerships with budding entrepreneurs, providing guidance and exposure that helps these businesses thrive. Whether it’s featuring artisanal products in their processed foods or collaborating on marketing campaigns, FEAST Detroit is committed to supporting the growth of these ventures.

Catalyzing Economic Development

The impact of FEAST Detroit’s support for small businesses ripples throughout Detroit. By providing a platform and resources for these enterprises, the company contributes to job creation and economic development. Their dedication to sourcing locally not only enriches their products but also strengthens the fabric of the local economy, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Community-Centric Initiatives

Amit and Scott’s commitment goes beyond mere business partnerships; it extends to community-driven initiatives. FEAST Detroit actively participates in events that promote small businesses, sponsors local fairs and markets, and collaborates with community organizations dedicated to entrepreneurial development. Their involvement in these initiatives showcases their dedication to the city’s prosperity.

A Shared Vision

FEAST Detroit’s success isn’t just measured in profit margins; it’s measured in the impact it has on the community. Amit Makhecha and Scott Owens share a vision where the success of their company intertwines with the success of Detroit’s small businesses. Their commitment to fostering a supportive environment for local enterprises embodies their belief in the transformative power of collective growth.

In conclusion, FEAST Detroit isn’t just a business entity; it’s a catalyst for change. With Amit and Scott steering the ship, the company continues to champion the cause of small businesses, nurturing an environment where collaborative efforts fuel economic growth and community empowerment in the heart of Detroit.

About us

FEAST was established to help those smaller brands and medium brands meet those demands. With the guidance of Eastern Market, FEAST was founded by a handful of small food entrepreneurs. FEAST has now grown to support over 40 different companies, making over 100 different SKUs.

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