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FEAST Detroit

Eastern Market recognized a need for a facility that would help small food brands increase their production capabilities. There‚Äôs plenty of support for companies to get started in the food business such as shared used kitchens and incubator kitchens. Once small food brands saw an increased demand for their products, they faced major challenges in meeting those demands. Purchasing the equipment and facility to scale up production is too costly for most small brands. Traditional co-packers have minimum order quantities that can be too high for some brands. 

FEAST was established to help those smaller brands and medium brands meet those demands. With the guidance of Eastern Market, FEAST was founded by a handful of small food entrepreneurs. FEAST has now grown to support over 40 different companies, making over 100 different SKUs. 

Check out this interview video by Melinda Clynes from modelmedia.com to learn more about our methodology, investment, partners, and more.

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Amit Makhecha

Cofounder / Managing Director.

Amit Makecha

Scott Owens


Scott Owens

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