FEAST is an exceptional provider of specialty food manufacturing services, including co-packing, for growing businesses. It concentrates on producing shelf stable products and utilizing local supply chains in order to bring agriculture and manufacturing full-circle. These products include salsas, chutneys, hot sauces, BBQ sauces, salad dressings, pickles, mustards, popped snacks, spice blends, and much more. FEAST is licensed by the Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development (MDARD) and registered through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Facility Details

  • 16,000 square-foot climate controlled production and warehousing space
  • 24-hour security video monitoring
  • Inventory control systems
  • 3 loading docks
  • Test kitchen
  • Shared use kitchen available to rent by the hour*
  • 1200 square-feet of furnished office space available for lease*
  • Executive conference room
  • Training and continuing education classroom
  • Printing, fax, and wifi access

For office and shared use kitchen leasing inquiries contact us here

Shared use kitchen requires licensing from MDARD


  • Groen 100 gallon steam kettle
  • Groen 80 gallon steam kettle
  • Cleveland 40 gallon tilt kettle
  • Vulcan 40 gallon braising table
  • Walk-in cooler
  • Baxter walk in oven
  • Automated label machine
  • Hobart VCM40
  • G-head Gravity Filler
  • Semi-automatic MAP machine
  • Hot Rod Bottling line
    • Simplex multi head piston filler
    • Unicap 8 head Capper
    • AFM shrink Bander
    • AFM classic Heat Tunnel
    • Tilt Wrap CTI 360a Labeler
    • Jet 2 Neo vid. Ink Jet lot coder
    • Bunting Metal detector
    • 48″ Accumulator
  • Pickle-Pack Bottling Line
    • Simplex multi-head piston filler
    • 2x ALL Fill B-600 fillers
    • Modern Packaging liquid filler
    • Modern Packaging Auto-Capper
    • Auto-cap sealer M-5
    • Marburg Heat tunnel
    • Universal Ink-Jet lot coder
    • Universal R-320 label machine
    • Bunting Metal detector
    • Ketan 48″ accumulator
  • Dry-Pack Line
    • Semi automatic weighing filler
    • 2-bucket weighing vertical form fill and seal machine
    • Nitrogen flush band sealer