Save about 10% to 45% on labor resources

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Companies have trusted us to increase their production.

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Compared to traditional contract manufacturers, we have a more cost-effective option to increase output.

Private label

For some products, we offer private label. Please describe your product on the Contact Us tab to see if we can assist you.


We can assist you in becoming an Amazon seller and managing your inventory, ads, listings, and reviews.

Shared Kitchen

To make your product, we use Hot Rod Bottling Line, Pickle-Pack Bottling Line, and Dry-Pack line.

Our purpose

FEAST was created with the intention of assisting regional businesses in growing and improving their offering. Early on, Eastern Market Corp. saw the issue and invited a group of small manufacturers to assist set up FEAST Detroit. We support the expansion of other small businesses because we are ourselves small producers.

How we can help

Feast Detroit gives small and medium local firms peace of mind by allowing them to expand production volumes efficiently. In comparison to traditional contract manufacturers, we are a contract manufacturer that caters to small and medium firms looking for a simple, cost-effective approach to enhance production. We have the experience and ability to assist you take your brand to the next level with multiple clients and a wide selection of products!

You grow,
we grow

Feast Detroit was established to support local food entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses and production.

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